Severe malnutrition claims the lives of over ONE MILLION children per year.

We're here to change that.

No child should go hungry. Severe acute malnutrition affects 17.3 million children around the world. Only a small percentage of these children are receiving the life-saving treatment they need. This malnutrition results in the loss of over 1 million children’s lives worldwide each year.
Luckily, we can change that.

We are proud to partner with the international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger, recognized as the leader in the fight against malnutrition around the world, in order to provide life-saving Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) to severely malnourished children in impoverished regions across the globe.

For each product sold, we are committed to donate 10% of the purchase price directly to providing these meals to children in areas of need including Uganda, Guatemala, Kenya, and more. Each product purchased provides life-saving Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods to a malnourished child. 

Children under 5 are the group most at risk to develop acute malnutrition with their small bodies having specific nutritional needs and growing so rapidly.

When the necessary foods aren’t available due to drought or market failure, or new mothers do not know the right foods to feed their children and polluted water adds a layer of disease to prevent proper nutrition, these children are at severe risk.

This is why our partner, Action Against Hunger, teamed up with UNICEF and ECHO in the video below, on a large-scale mission to improve child nutrition and integrate malnutrition protocols into their basic health services.

You will see how two beautiful children’s lives were saved through this incredible program and how your purchase today will help children like these live to see another day.

Our goal is to save the lives of as many malnourished children as possible and provide a sustainable way for their villages to continue providing food for years to come.

Our mission is to promote a better you, while providing for a better world.

*10% of the purchase price of each item sold goes directly to providing life-saving supplements. Each supplement costs $0.33, thus each item depending on purchase price can provide between 6 and 23 Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF).