5 Tips to Stay Motivated in the Season of PSLs

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As the fall leaves begin to fall from the trees and sweaters, boots and scarves become your daily wardrobe, it can be hard to stay motivated to get and stay fit. Bikini season is far from our minds and let’s face it, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are sounding a little too good on chilly mornings. The Holiday season brings treats we just can’t ignore and excuses are plentiful.

We’ve all been there. But just because we’re covering up doesn’t mean our bodies need to go into holiday hibernation mode. We’ve got a few tips to keep you going, even if your meal plan begins to include gingerbread men and candy canes (we’re sure you’ll love number 4).

1. Refresh Your Routine
Step out of the ordinary with a break from your typical routine. Give your body a break from all of your in-season intensity and try something new while still staying active and meeting your goals. Does your gym have a heated pool? Swap your usual cardio for some lap swimming. Challenge yourself to a new, higher intensity class at your gym – meet new people and accomplish a new goal! Mixing up your typical workout routine will have you looking forward to a new challenge rather than dragging yourself through the same routine, day after day.

2. Get Up and At ‘Em
When the days begin to shorten as winter approaches, it can become harder and harder to get up out of that comfy, warm bed for your morning sweat sesh. We have a couple tricks that can help. Rid yourself of the horribly annoying default alarm clock sound and set your alarm with a specific song from your workout playlist – something that really gets you going and lifts your mood. Plus, recreating early natural light on dark, winter mornings will help your internal clock get ready to take on the day. There are several brands of bedside lamps that stimulate natural light and gradually increase light in your room – some even come with built in alarm clocks!

3. Freshen Up Your Fit
Ditch the just-rolled-out-of-bed look at the gym and refresh your workout wardrobe with some new threads that have you excited to get in there and show off your new gear. Outfit yourself in some new, flattering fitness gear like our signature “Do Good” Performance Top or “Give” Performance Leggings, and you’ll be more likely to look forward to every workout. Extra hint: Plan and lay out your workout outfits the night before, so they are easily accessible every morning to throw on or into your gym back for an after work gym sesh. As they say, when you look good, you feel good, so let’s get shopping! 🙂

4. Treat Yo’Self
In the face of countless sweets, the holiday season brings much more than winter weather and family time: TREATS. Staying on a strict meal plan can be hard with Caramel Brûlée Lattes, honey baked hams, and cookies galore facing you at every corner. Instead of restricting yourself from all sweets, you are much more likely to stay on your meal plan if you allow yourself a treat – in moderation of course. Depending on your goals, adding in a “cheat” day to snack on all your holiday favorites can keep you on track the rest of the week (and give you something to look forward to!), or even allowing yourself that mini candy cane one afternoon and that pumpkin spice latte one morning, as long as you can stay on track throughout the rest of the day. Just be sure to add in a few extra minutes of cardio to work off those extra calories.

5. Phone A Friend, Literally
Accountability is key to staying motivated and on track in any season, but especially when faced with countless excuses that seem to pop up during the colder months, it’s nice to have someone to help motivate you to keep on, keepin’ on (and vice versa, of course). While it would be nice to have a workout buddy for every session, people are busy, especially during the holidays, so even if your usual sweat sister can’t make it out, try recruiting a coworker for a lunch-hour jog or join a fitness group online to swap fit tips and share accomplishments, even the small ones – like passing up that maple bacon donut you were drooling over in the breakroom. 🙂

Hopefully our tips can steer you clear of holiday hibernation mode and keep you strong and healthy year round.
Have any other tips for staying motivated this winter? We’d love to hear! Share below.


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