Give Activewear Becomes GIVIDA

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Today is a BIG day! As of today, Give Activewear becomes GIVIDA Activewear to reflect our broader hunger relief commitment. The name change is part of our re-branding initiative to better align our name with our aid strategy and reflects our recent commitment to broaden our aid borders to a global focus.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of our new name. The new name – GIVIDA Activewear – allows us to emphasize how our aid actually saves children’s lives, and provides a more literal translation for what our main objective is:  to “give life” back to these children,” said Kelly Olson, CEO of GIVIDA Activewear. “We felt this name change better represented our main objective. We wanted to shift our focus from just the general act of giving to the act of giving life back to children across the globe in desperate need of help.”

GIVIDA Activewear is fighting world hunger by donating 10% of each sale to provide life-saving meals to children with severe acute malnutrition through their partnership with Action Against Hunger, the leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger. These meals are part of a 45 day treatment program that is provided to young children diagnosed with acute malnutrition. This program has a 90-95% cure rate.

Global health is still our main initiative. We want to help you stay motivated and save lives at the same time.

Our mission is to promote a better you, while providing for a better world.


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