Overcoming Hunger in Haiti

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GIVIDA is proud to partner with Action Against Hunger to help provide hunger relief to children around the globe, from the most desolate areas of the world in constant dire need, to next door neighbors who need a helping hand to feed their children.

With so much negative news, we love when we can shine light on the good that we are contributing to around the world. Action Against Hunger has been working in Haiti to assist with severe famine issues since 1985. And typically when you hear about Haiti in the news, it’s usually because of a horrible natural disaster or widespread emergency. This time, we’re happy to spread news about the positive work AAH is doing in Haiti and the strides they are making to overcome hunger.

Helping to spread the positive word about this under reported story, we wanted to showcase a story of enormous local skill and potential; of local heroes doing extraordinary day-to-day work; remarkable team members sharing their skills with their neighbors and community health workers; and leaders working in solidarity to deliver local solutions to fight hunger not just today, but for good.

Read Full Story @ Action Against Hunger

Photos by Christophe Da Silva for Action Against Hunger, Haiti


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