‘Tis the Season to Give More than You Get

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You Have Never Really Lived Until You Have Done Something For Someone Who Can Never Repay You - Give Activewear

If there’s one thing that this world needs a little more of, it’s kindness. One of our favorite sayings here at Give is, “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” We need more giving in the world, more smiles, more laughter, more empathy – to start thinking more of how our actions can affect another and to use that power to create a positive impact in the communities around us. Even just a small act can spark a ripple of kind acts that can create real change.

We get it. Sometimes the thought of “changing the world” can seem like an impossibly daunting task, but what if you could make an impact with just one act of kindness? Focus on changing one person’s world, first. That’s all it takes. Paying a compliment to a stranger, offering a hand to someone struggling to carry their bags, or leaving a kind note for a neighbor – That positivity rubs off and inspires the receiver to pay it forward or pass it on, spreading your act onto many others.

See the great thing about kindness is that it’s contagious – the more you give, the more you’ll not only receive, but the more you’ll inspire others to pass on the kindness as well. Remember that ripple effect? A kind act can spark a chain of kind events that spreads like wildfire. And all that good karma you get? Added bonus. 🙂

So here’s a holiday to-do list for you to try this season, or better yet, all year round.

xx Smile More, Frown Less.

xx Pay A Compliment To A Stranger.

xx Hold The Door Open for Someone Behind You.

xx Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You.

xx Forgive Someone. Repeat.

xx Count Your Blessings. Daily.


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