What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

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Don’t forget to re-charge those beautiful hearts. As we approach the holiday season, don’t forget to give back to yourself – 5 gifts you can give yourself today that won’t cost you a thing:
  1. Breathe – Does this one seem too easy? Refocusing your breath can bring you back to center, help you feel present, and even detoxify you. In a moment of distraction, it can even help you refocus your concentration. So give yourself some space, breathe it in.
  2. Connect – Have you spent time with a friend lately? Make time to connect with someone in front of you, even if its means vulnerability in making a connection with someone you don’t know well – I tend to believe we are all worth getting to know.
  3. Feel Something – Have your favorite comfort food today. Listen to a song you love all the way through. Take a bubble bath – the hotter the better. You have five amazing senses, light one of them up! Let yourself really experience something, even if its just for one, luscious, self involved moment.
  4. Permission – Give yourself permission to use your freedom. Everyday we have the opportunity to make choices, use yours – even if the reality of that, “Yes”, scares you to death. This also means the permission to let go, to forgive, or the freedom to just say, “No”.
  5. Gratitude – On our most stressful day, finding a moment of thanks – even if for a lesson learned, helps us live our blessings and grow from set backs and challenges. 
We all need a reminder to take care of ourselves. So when in doubt, follow steps one through five until you wallow in your own enough-ness. The world needs your light, get out and shine.

Written by Amanda Harper
Amanda Harper is a 28 year old creative living in San Francisco, California who write and speaks on things driven by faith, fueled by passion, and led in generosity. She is a lover of music on vinyl, a good story, and all things brunch.



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